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Let's get to know ASHLYN...

Ashlyn is 18 and lives in Brisbane with her younger sister, her parents, her cat and four goldfish.

Ash is currently attending university, studying psychology full time, and works on a casual basis.

Rock climbing is her thing and is also one of her favourite sports to watch along with artistic and rhythmic gymnastics. Ash's sporting hero is Oceana Mackenzie, a teenage Australian rock climber. 

We wanted to get to know Ashlyn a little better so we asked her...

10 Questions

1. What is your favourite non-sporty activity? Creating sculptures using recycled materials.

2. Who do you look up to? Zendaya

3. What is your favourite thing to do on a lazy Sunday? Binge watch any TV show or watch a movie with lots of popcorn.

4. What music are you listening to? AJR, Alt-J, Mura Masa, Montaigne

5. Do you have a favourite book, movie or TV show? I live for the book series "The Dresden Files". 

6. If you had to choose one fruit to eat forever which would it be?Passionfruit

7. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
Perhaps London, Chicago or somewhere in New Zealand.

8. What is your favourite meal at home? Enchiladas

9. What would be your dream holiday? Road trip down the Pamir highway.

10. And your favourite Jordi piece? Probably the racer back crop in Signature print.

Ash's Measurements:

Height: 168cm Chest Band : 80cm Hip Band: 83cm

She is wearing Size Girls 14  (S) leggings and a Medium (L8) crop top.