Jordi Active is an Australian Company

Let's get to know LUCY...

Lucy is 13 and lives in Sydney with her parents and her two brothers.

She doesn't have any pets at the moment but is hoping to talk her parents into having one soon! 

Lucy loves dance, jazz is her favourite, and competes in eisteddfods with her dance school. In fact, Lucy's sporting hero is a dancer, Kate Ayres.

She also plays school waterpolo and netball. 

 An active Jordi Girl, Lucy also loves running and hanging out with her friends. 

We wanted to find out some fun facts about Lucy so we asked her ...

10 Questions

1. How would you love to spend a lazy Sunday? In my pjs all day having a Netflix marathon and eating chocolate!

2. What music are you listening to? Whatever is on the radio. ( ... but Beyonce` is the QUEEN!) 

3. Who do you look up to? My mum,as I love her style and would love to dress like her when I am older! Also Emma Chamberlain, the YouTuber, because she always make me laugh. 

4. Do you have a favourite book, movie or TV show? The Kite Runner, Pitch Perfect (1,2, & 3), Gossip Girl. 

5. If you could choose one fruit to live on which would you choose? Watermelon.

6.If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? NYC. I am obsessed with Times Square. I want to live there when I older with my best friend Mimi.

7. What is your favourite meal at home? Roast chicken.

8. What is your dream holiday? Going to Greece. 

9. What is your favourite food?  Ice cream.

10. What is your favourite Jordi piece? It would have to be the black and white Racer Back crop top.

Lucy was kind enough to share her measurements and her Jordi sizes with us. 


Height:   154cm     Chest Band:  67cm      Hip: 75.5cm

Jordi Size:

Leggings/Bike Pants    YM / XS        Running Shorts ( Slim Fit) YM/XS

Crop Tops YM/XS        Fitted Tank    YM/XS       Loose Tank Ym/XS