Jordi Active is an Australian Company

The Inspo: At eleven all Dixie wanted to wear was active wear.  Three years later not much has changed!  Always ready to give her opinion with a thumbs ups or an eye roll. We here at Jordi are always so thankful for the insight into the mind of a teenage girl.

The Creative: From the very beginning Annabelle has been able to visualise the Jordi Girl. From the logo to the prints she has delivered the Jordi "look"! 

The Lens: You know the saying, "never work with children or animals", (I think helium balloons should be added to that list) well, Anwyn managed to capture some Jordi magic despite having to wrangle all three. Okay, they were teens but still there were lots of them. It was hectic. 

Marketing Jo: What would I do without Jo? From the Instagram Intensive to her belief that I could build a website. I'm living proof that you can teach an old dog some tech tricks but I couldn't have done it without her! I promise I won't cross my legs under your desk and accidentally turn the computers off at the wall ever again!

The Jordi Mascot: Minnie, the cutest dog ever. Someone once told me that every mother of teenagers needs a dog. So true!

Okay, and Me, Mother of "The Inspo": It has taken a little (actually lots) longer than I ever envisaged but finally here we are! I am so excited to bring Jordi to all those active girls out there.